Script excerpts of the pilot episode. Fanyasha. A fantasy television series.

Script excerpts of the pilot episode

Script excerpts of the pilot episode. Fanyasha. A fantasy television series.


Written by
Francesco Cinquemani

Based on the novels of
Marianna Rosset

Copyright (c) 2021 Altadium Group


The setting is aglow in the light of flaming braziers. SIX MEN are seated in a circle that is marked by other - smaller - braziers propped on tripods.

Behind them there is a second circle comprised of MEN and WOMEN clad in white tunics.

VORIDOX (58) looms from the darkness. He has lean and bony features half-hidden under the voluminous hood of a long black cape.

He turns to RADOLIR (75), the oldest of the group.

Mr. Radolir and members of the
Council, it pains me to inform you
that the population is growing at an
increasing rate, while the number of
the enlightened remains constant.

Everyone pays close attention to him.

We are aware of this as well, Mr.Voridox.

We don't even reach two thirds of the
number required by the Great Transition.

What solution do you propose?

We need a major catastrophe.

There is a HUBBUB among the council members.

Voridox! Your proposed solution
is too radical and...

(interrupting him)
It's our only hope!

Not true at all.

A SHROUD OF SILENCE falls over the chamber.

Voridox turns and glowers indignantly at the one who has dared to speak.

KHORDA (50) enters the shaft of light.


There's another solution.

How dare you...?

Mr. Voridox. Let her speak.

Voridox represses his anger.

Khorda bows towards the Council members.

Thank you, Mr. Radolir. I have an
alternative solution to our problem.

And what might it be?

They all peer at her with the utmost attention.

It's a truly revolutionary remedy. If
we can manage to lay our hands on...

Her voice FADES OUT. CAMERA DWELLS ON the FLAMES of one of the braziers.


Fanyasha returns to her classroom.

Khorda is teaching.

Very well, Fanyasha. You may return
to your seat. We were discussing the
fact that angels are not permitted to
change a Person's destiny.

Head slung low, Fanyasha rejoins her friends and sits next to them.

KHORDA (cont’d)
Humans are responsible for their
actions. In the end the choice is
always theirs.

Fanyasha raises her hand.

You want another trip to the

Lupilupiya discreetly tries to make her lower it.

No, I only want to know why we...
Fanyasha pops her hand back up.

Khorda notices her.

What is it, Fanyasha?

Well, I only wanted to ask you
something...If people are masters of
their own destiny, then what are we
good for?

Lupilupiya lowers her eyes.

Murisa cradles her head in her hands.

The other girls all stare at her scandalized.

Khorda peers at her intensely. And then smiles.

Fanyasha has asked an intelligent
question. You need to know that our
task is to help people reflect upon
the right decisions.

How can we do that if they can't even
see us?

Now Krygoliya joins Fanyasha.

Fanyasha's right. I heard that for
them, we're invisible.

Fanyasha looks at Krygoliya, astonished by her support.

That's not always the case. Newborn
children can see us. Then, growing
up, unfortunately, they lose that
ability. This is why it's so
important to stay close to our
Persons in the first years of life.

The class attentively follows Khorda's lesson.

KHORDA (cont’d)
Remember: the stronger the initial
bond, then the stronger your
influence will be throughout the span
of their life.

So on earth, aside from very young
children, no one will see us?

No, there are some animals that can
see us. Like cats for example.

What are cats?

Khorda circles a hand in the air and the three dimension figure of a big fine tomcat looms into view.

Here you go, this is a cat.

The whole class stares in slack-jaw wonder.

I've already seen that one.

How's that possible? There aren't any
cats among us.

I saw it last night, while sleeping.

Khorda is astonished.

FANYASHA (cont’d)
I had like a vision. I tried to save
it from a fire.

Khorda casts her a curious look.

You had a dream?

What's a dream?

Khorda is astounded. She hesitates and then:

I'll explain it to you some other
time. Now let's return to our lesson.
Another way of influencing Persons is
by moving inanimate objects. It's not
easy, but with proper concentration
and some serious study, you can do

How can we do something like that?

You need to concentrate on the
object. Think about it intensely and
imagine it moving.

She stares at Lupilupiya's desk.

KHORDA (cont’d)
Like this.

She raises both hands and the desk jostles.

Lupilupiya belts out a frightened SCREAM.

All the girls in the classroom bursts into titters of laughter.

KHORDA (cont’d)
Another way to influence people is to
use the three winds. Have you ever
heard of them?

The girls shake their head.

KHORDA (cont’d)
All right then, to explain them, I'll
use a model.

Khorda lifts her hands up high and DANIEL (12) appears in the  middle of the room.

Gorgeous, the boy floats through the air with closed eyes. He looks like he's asleep.

KHORDA (cont’d)
He is Daniel. And he'll help us
understand the theory of the three

The girls curiously gaze at him.

Fanyasha starts. Somehow the sight of him has startled her.

KHORDA (cont’d)
People react to specific situations
in three different ways: they either
attack, runaway or simply stall. It's
natural instinct. It depends on the
force of one of the three winds.
Since, usually, you can make out what
is best for them, you can use those
very winds to help them reflect on
how to react to those circumstances.

I have no clue what you're talking

All the girls start laughing.

Don't worry. Let me explain by giving
you an example. To begin with, you
need to focus all your energy to
create winds... Now carefully watch
my hands.

Khorda moves the fingers of her hands.

KHORDA (cont’d)
This arrow represents the yellow wind.

A yellow arrow aiming at the boy's face appears in the air.

KHORDA (cont’d)
This is the red.

The teacher continues moving her hands and a red arrow appears and points at Daniel's back.

KHORDA (cont’d)
And guess which one this stands for?

A third arrow, this time blue, appears aiming at Daniel's feet.

The blue wind?

Right, Krygoliya.

In the last row, Murisa mutters to Fanyasha.

She never loses a chance to show off.

Her friend smiles.

Then she shifts her engrossed attention back to Khorda.

Let's start by using the red wind.

The teacher concentrates and makes a rapid hand gesture.

A gust of red wind puffs against Daniel's back.

The youth heaves a deep sigh and knits his brow.

The teacher now waves her hand and intensifies the wind.

Daniel's face turns a flush red and his brow is now deeply furrowed and his jaw set.

The boy starts to growl and his visage is increasingly red.

He's behaving like an animal.

Yes, the red wind stirs up a Person's
animal instincts. It comes into play
during dangerous situations. It makes
one aggressive and leads one to
quarrel, attack and fight.

Fanyasha stares at Daniel's almost purple face.

Is it painful for him?

Everyone in the classroom ignores her.

Khorda moves her left hand.

Now let's see how the yellow wind works.

She concentrates.

Daniel suddenly goes pale. The boy withdraws with his features nearly twisted with fear.

KHORDA (cont’d)
This wind will make the Person hide
or run away...

Poor boy.

And now I'll show you the effect of
the blue wind.

Khorda concentrates and rapidly moves both hands.

The arrow of the blue wind darts towards Daniel's feet.

The boy's eyes bolt wide and he stares off into space, with a dreamy, indifferent gaze.

KHORDA (cont’d)
Now watch carefully what happens.

The teacher increases the volume of the wind with a slight hand movement.

Daniel brings his hands to his head, closes his eyes and drops to his knees, devastated with pain.

Khorda pushes a hand forward.

Daniel's visage is twisted in agony.

That's enough, stop it!


Don't you see you're hurting him?!

Khorda is astonished by her reaction.

What do you know about that?

Then with a wave of a hand, Khorda makes Daniel's image vanish into thin air.

KHORDA (cont’d)
All right, we'll continue with Daniel
some other time.

To avoid the unhappy looks from her classmates, Fanyasha averts her gaze back to her notebook.

Excuse me, I'm a little confused
about the blue wind.

Me instead, not even a little,
absolute infinity confused!

The class guffaws.

No, seriously. In the beginning,
Daniel looked like he was about to
fall asleep and then instead, he
seemed to be suffering serious

You need to understand that when the
blue wind is weak, it paralyzes the
Person. But as by degrees, it gets
stronger, it causes ever greater
pain. A wind that's too strong could
even rip that same Person apart from
the inside.

So then it's better if the blue wind
is never used.

Not at all. All three winds are
beneficial, but only if administered
in small doses. All three are
necessary in a Person's life.

The whole class becomes attentive.

KHORDA (cont’d)
Your mission is not to control
Persons, but to offer them help in a
proper and timely manner. If you see
that your Person is propelled too
much by the red wind, then you need
to add a little blue or yellow to
balance his or her behavior.

Oh I see... but I really wouldn't
know how to use these winds.

That's something I'll be teaching
you. But just remember, girls, it
will take plenty of time, study and

All the girls acknowledge with a nod.

That is - all except Fanyasha who is lost in her own thoughts.

Khorda notices.

KHORDA (cont’d)
Fanyasha, I see you were following
the lesson more closely when you have
something interesting like Daniel to

Fanyasha stirs from her reverie and snaps to attention.

The whole class has a good laugh.

KHORDA (cont’d)
That's all for today's lesson. It's
time now to go to the Nimbrarium.

Khorda strides to the door and swings it open.

One after the other, the girls rise and follow her.

Fanyasha is the last one out.