The bible. Fanyasha. A fantasy television series.

The bible

The bible. Fanyasha. A fantasy television series.

Series 1 bible


Fanyasha is a family friendly TV series based on the novels by Marianna Rosset. It centers around the titular Fanyasha, an angel in heaven trying to come to terms with her role in the universe while growing up, attending school, coming of age and battling against powerful forces who would threaten the very fabric of our reality.

This bible assumes the reader has also read the PILOT script by Francesco Cinquemani.


Fanyasha is set in a fantastical world split between Heaven and Earth. In Heaven, a sky-dwelling far above the clouds, Angels are raised and educated for one main purpose, to reach the day when they will be assigned a new-born human to watch over and protect for the rest of their lives.

The system is simple; one Angel for each human on earth.

Cats and young children can see Angels, but adults cannot, but the Angels still guard over them, providing an intangible comfort in grief, or sharing in the joy of a happy occasion or memory.

There are strict rules to the Angel’s engagement with humans though. Most importantly, Angels are NOT allowed to interfere with a human’s destiny. They can however help them reflect on important decisions or moments. This is done using one of three powers or ‘winds’.

The RED WIND activates a human’s animal instinct or FIGHT MODE. The YELLOW WIND controls their desire to run to safety, or FLIGHT MODE, and the BLUE WIND paralyses the human to stop them in their tracks.

The objective of the Angels is to provide balance for their human. If their human is prone to anger, an increase in yellow and blue wind will them out and center them. It’s a delicate and lifelong dedication.

Angels use an object called a ‘NIMBUS’ to travel to Earth from Heaven. The Nimbus is attuned to their own assigned human, which means they will always arrive in CLOSE PROXIMITY to them.


Fanyasha is a fun and trilling fantasy ride set in a world both familiar and new. The tone is one of fun and adventure, but tinged with tragedy and while Fanyasha is young and carefree, the stakes will be very real, and very serious.

Reference points include - Harry Potter, Twilight and The Hunger Games.

The Pilot

At the start of the pilot, a twelve year old Fanyasha is coming to terms with the fact that she will soon be assigned her own human. But as a curious and mischievous young Angel, she would much rather spend time adventuring with her close friends LUPI and MARISA, or crushing on the coolest Angel at school, ELDO.

She doesn’t feel ready for the responsibility of having her own human. It’s like an anchor around her neck, slowing her down from her real interests. But fate will not wait for Fanyasha to be ready.

Like all the other Angels her age, Fanyasha attends school, ruled over by the fearsome principal VORIDOX, and the kind but firm teacher KHORDA. Khorda and Voridox are both supremely powerful ARCHANGELS, but they disagree vehemently in their teaching and nurturing methods.

In the pilot, Fanyasha is taken by Khorda to meet the mother of her soon to be born human. The parents MEG and NICK are arguing because Nick doesn’t want to be a father and is encouraging Meg to have an abortion. Fanyasha finds the experience overwhelming and flees, much to Voridox’s anger, because she didn’t make the initial connection with the unborn baby that she was supposed to.

Later however, Fanyasha returns to Meg in time to find that she has tried to end her pregnancy herself. Fanyasha uses her burgeoning abilities to help Meg name the unborn child ALISA. As Meg cries out the name it alerts her mother, who gets her to the hospital in time to save her and the baby. At the end of the pilot, an enraged Voridox comes for Fanyasha, and as she tries to escape she warps herself away into a limbo like void.

When she returns from this place and gets home, she is shocked to discover that what felt to her like a few minutes absence, was actually FIVE YEARS, and when she looks in the mirror, she realizes that she too has aged five years as well.

Season 1

Season one will be predominantly focused on Fanyasha’s journey, but will encompass many overlapping storylines involving supporting characters as well. This is a rich and involved world spanning two realms, Heaven and Earth, and the ways in which they interact will be crucial to the evolving plotlines.

The first thing that has to be dealt with is Fanyasha’s five year absence. Her return is a shock to everyone, from her brother Borisey, to her friends Lupi and Marisa, and her teachers, Khorda and Voridox.

A lot has changed in five years, and we get Fanyasha up to speed in the episodes following the pilot.

Firstly, there are big changes at the school.

After Fanyasha’s disappearance and seeming abandonment of her human charge, Alisa, the governing body came down on Voridox hard. As principal, he was forced to take full responsibility and was severely punished. This makes Voridox even more mean spirited towards Fanyasha when she returns. He deems her responsible for his punishment and the stripping away of some of his power at the school, and he is definitely one to hold a grudge.

The board of Arch-angels who oversee the bureaucracy of Heaven, lead by Supreme Archangel RADOLIR, have decided they need to be more hands on at the school to avoid a repeat of the incident, and so while Voridox is still Principal in name, he is being overseen and micro-managed by the board. Lupi and Marisa have grown up and developed even further down their own paths. Lupi is free spirited and fun, and Marisa is a bookworm, always focused on her studies. They’ve drifted apart in Fanyasha’s absence, something she will swiftly have to put right!

Much to Fanyasha’s dismay, Eldo is now dating OLIVA, the most insufferably popular and studious angel to ever pluck a harp on a cloud.

While coming to terms with all of these new developments, Fanyasha must also accept that she herself has changed. She’s older than she was, but no less mischievous and wild. This is a problem, because while she has remained much the same, the world around her has been constricted. The board rule the school with an IRON FIST, and the bureaucracy has scaled to unbearable levels. You can barely take a step without having to fill out some paperwork.

Even worse… many people blame Fanyasha. If she hadn’t broken all the rules and gone and vanished, things would be as they were. Let’s just say that on her return, she’s not exactly welcomed back with open arms. But there are even more pressing issues. Khorda rushes to Fanyasha on hearing that she’s back because there is trouble down on Earth, with Alisa. In Fanyasha’s absence, things have gone very badly in that poor child’s life, but Khorda believes it’s not too late for Fanyasha to change that. They use the Nimbus and whizz down to earth and we catch up with Meg, Nick and Alisa.

Alisa is now five years old, but all is not well in her young life. Meg and Nick are no longer together, but he insists on being a part of Alisa’s life. However, Nick fell in with a bad crowd who push drugs and engage in other criminal behavior. Meg is scared that he will bring danger to her and Alisa’s doorstep, but she needs the child support he provides through his dealing if she is going to be able to keep a roof over her and Alisa’s head. When Fanyasha arrives, Alisa is crying, as Nick and Meg argue on the doorstep of Meg’s tiny apartment.

Meg wants him to clean up his act and get a real job, but Nick’s not interested. He enjoys the danger and financial rewards of his life of crime. Fanyasha comforts Alisa who is still young enough to see her, delicately using the three winds to calm Alisa and stop her tears. Alisa ends up giggling and laughing as Fanyasha entertains her, and the sound of her happiness causes Meg and Nick to stop arguing. Nick leaves and Meg comes and plays with Alisa.

Khorda watches on, impressed. Fanyasha may have been gone a long time, but she’s still capable of surprising everyone. She passed the test, and Alisa is confirmed as her human, to watch over, guide and protect for the rest of her life.

Throughout Season one, Fanyasha’s time will be split between Heaven and Earth, forcing her to juggle all the problems in Alisa’s life, along with her own.

As the series progresses, Fanyasha quickly comes to enjoy her time on Earth more than she does in Heaven. The new rules and restrictions at the school are suffocating, and Radolir seems to have taken a sinister interest in Fanyasha, even replacing some of her teachers and taking classes she is in himself.

Voridox scowls at her every chance he gets and punishes her with detention for even the smallest infractions. In fact Khorda is the only teacher to treat her kindly.

The only time Fanyasha enjoys in Heaven is when she skips school and plays hooky with Lupi and Marisa (who hates missing out on lessons and study time).

The girls gossip and play and theorise where Fanyasha went for five years, and Fanyasha pines for Eldo who’s so annoyingly happy with Oliva. In class, Khorda reintroduces DANIEL, the boy from the pilot who is in a coma back on Earth, and Fanyasha finds herself drawn to him, His situation is not unlike hers, trapped in limbo for years, with no way of knowing if he’ll ever return.

This develops in to a crush, and creates a love triangle of sorts between Fanyasha, Eldo and Daniel. She likes them both, but they are so completely different.

Eldo is cool and confident and popular, and Daniel is a complete unknown, but Fanyasha senses a strong positive energy from him. She laments that she can’t go to him, and help him recover, and this desire starts to grow stronger throughout season one, culminating in a plan for Fanyasha to reach Daniel.

Of course this is not only highly forbidden, but also seemingly impossible. The nimbus will only let an Angel travel into close proximity with their own human, and once on Earth, an Angel cannot physically be more than one mile away from its human at any time. This creates a huge issue for Fanyasha, because Alisa lives in America, and Daniel lives in England. But Fanyasha is not one to give up easily, and so, with Lupi and Marisa’s help, she concocts a plan to get Alisa to England so that she can warp to her, and be near Daniel.

It’s a complex operation that involves the breaking of several rules, as Fanyasha and her friends plan to use their three winds, and Fanyasha’s fast improving ability to move objects on earth, to orchestrate a lotto win for Meg, and then gently move pieces in to place that will make her decide to take a vacation to the UK.

This plot will stretch across the entire season, as the plan becomes ever more difficult and dangerous, and as events conspire to foil them at every turn. If they are caught by Voridox, the consequences will be extreme, and so they work on this in and around the other developing plotlines.

Ultimately, Fanyasha will make it to England, but that happens at the very end of the series, which we’ll go in to more detail on later.

Fanyasha will also regularly attempt to strike back against Voridox for treating her so badly. At one pivotal moment mid-season, she will break in to his private offices with the intention of playing a prank on him.

Once inside, and before she can set her prank up, she hears footsteps and is forced to hide. Voridox and Radolir enter and Fanyasha hears them discussing a secret plan.

She, and we, don’t get all the details here, but it’s clearly something BIG and BAD.

This will sew the seed of our bad guy plot, as over the course of Season One we will start to discover that the officious and hawk-like Radolir is actually our main villain.

Because there is a problem in heaven, and he has a solution that is as simple as it is cruel.

The population on earth is growing at a vast rate, and there is fast approaching a point where there are too many humans, and not enough angels to care for them.

In Radolir’s view, this would create a dangerous imbalance, and Heaven’s influence on Earth would be fatally weakened. His solution is to create a global disaster that will dramatically cull the Earth’s population… by HALF. Over three billion people would be killed, and in Radolir’s mind, order would be restored.

He has recruited Voridox and the other arch-angels of the board to help him in this mission, and the wheels are already in motion.

We will dripfeed this plot throughout Season One, but the extent of the plan won’t be fully revealed until the end of the season.

And it’s near the end of the season that Fanyasha finally completes her plan to get Alisa to the UK. She then uses the nimbus to travel to her, and inbetween looking after her interests there, she sneaks off to visit Daniel in the hospital.

She falls for him, head over heels, and cries when she hears the doctor’s discussing how little time he has left. He’s going to die, and there’s nothing they can do.

Fanyasha can’t let that happen. She has developed a great affinity for humans over the course of Season One, and she can’t bear for Daniel to never even have a chance at life.

And so, in our final episode of the first season, Fanyasha uses the power of the nimbus to save Daniel’s life. But there are HUGE consequences, as burning out her nimbus in the process means Fanyasha will now die.

Her power starts to wain and she is withering, hurtling fast towards eternal death, when suddenly, Khorda appears and uses her own nimbus to save Fanyasha.

In the act of saving her, Khorda dies, willingly giving her life so that Fanyasha might live.

Fanyasha lies on the floor, weakened but alive, with Khorda dead and Daniel waking up. Doctors and nurses rush in to help Daniel, and Fanyasha slumps. In a final CODA to end Season One, Fanyasha wakes up back in Heaven in the school infirmary. To her surprise, sitting by her bedside, is Voridox. She’s alarmed at first, but he comforts her, and reveals to her the truth of everything that has unfolded over the course of Season One.

Khorda sacrificed herself to save Fanyasha, because Fanyasha is very special.

Voridox, far from being a bad guy, is actually a hero. He was only pretending to work with Radolir, so he could learn the details of his plan to wipe out half of Earth’s population. In fact, he was really working with Khorda to STOP Radolir.

Fanyasha is shocked to hear of Radolir’s evil plan, but she doesn’t understand what it has to do with her. Voridox explains that Radolir has harbored this plan for many years, and was always overruled by the head of the board of Arch-angels. plan became a reality.

Voridox and Khorda needed an alternate solution, and so in secret they experimented with creating an Angel, using a dead human’s soul. The soul they chose was that of a young girl who died in a house fire down on Earth while trying to save her cat from the burning building. They chose this girl’s soul because she had immense courage and compassion.

Fanyasha recognizes this story from the dream she had at the start of the pilot. The burning house, the collapsing ceiling…

Voridox breaks the news to Fanyasha… SHE was the girl that died in that fire.

Voridox and Khorda took her soul and used it to make an Angel-human hybrid. The first of its kind. They knew that if they could create more Angels in this way, they could manufacture enough for all the people of Earth without the need for Radolir’s extermination policy.

They kept the experiment secret, knowing that the Arch-angels would be appalled at the idea and seek to have Fanyasha killed before they could prove that she could function as a real and true angel.

It explains Fanyasha’s impulsiveness and intense love of humanity, and how she feels more at home there than in Heaven. She has the best of both worlds; the passion and emotion of a human, with the power and ability of an Angel.

THAT is why Khorda died to save her… because Fanyasha represents the chance to save all of humanity and stop Radolir.

In the dying moments of Season One, Voridox tells Fanyasha that they must now work together, in secret, to stop Radolir, and save Earth from annihilation.

This sets up the ongoing battle between good and evil that will unfold in subsequent seasons.

Other Season 1 plotlines

Fanyasha’s powers develop quickly, and powerfully.
As we saw in the pilot, Fanyasha was already grasping the ability to move objects down on Earth. Voridox was shocked at her ability to do this so quickly, as it’s a skill that takes Angels a very long time to develop. But being an Angel-human hybrid has increased Fanyasha’s powers, and one that she will slowly develop over season one, is the ability to reveal herself to humans and be seen and heard by them. It starts with fleeting moments where she feels like someone sees her as she moves through Earth. They do a doubletake and think it was their imagination, but it wasn’t. In time, Fanyasha will be able to harness this power, creating both an opportunity and a danger. On the one hand she can now be more involved in Alisa and Meg’s life, but on the other, direct meddling with human destiny is strictly forbidden and could have catastrophic consequences.

Saving Meg and Alisa from Nick.
Nick is a constant threat to Alisa and Meg and Fanyasha is constantly trying to keep them safe. Nick’s ties to drugs and crime come to a head when a deal goes bad and he ends up owing some dangerous people a lot of money. They come to the house looking for Nick and find Meg and Alisa instead. As they tear through the house, looking for valuables, Meg and Alisa hide. They’re about to be discovered when Fanyasha, angry and worried, manages to make her self VISIBLE to them in a blinding flash of light. The dealers FREAK OUT and run from the house and Meg and Alisa are saved. Ultimately, Nick will die of an overdose.

One of the people most excited to have Fanyasha back after her five year absence, is Eldo. Where most of the kids shun her, he is quick to welcome her back, and there is clear chemistry between them. But Eldo is now dating Oliva, the most popular angel at school, and no fan of Fanyasha. For that reason, he is not permitted to spend as much time with Fanyasha as he would clearly like. When they are paired together on a class project by Khorda, sparks fly, but Fanyasha is torn as she also has feelings for Daniel, the human boy lost in a coma. This plotline is about romance, but also serves to highlight how torn Fanyasha is between Heaven and earth, a plight that will come in season one.

In the world of Fanyasha, nothing is ever quite as it seems, and over the course of Season one, Fanyasha and Oliva’s relationship will change and develop. Initially they are rivals for Eldo’s affection, and it seems as though Oliva holds the biggest grudge against Fanyasha for the way the school has changed in her absence. But as Fanyasha digs deeper, she discovers that the true source of Oliva’s pain is her assigned human, who is sick and dying of cancer. Her grief manifests in hatred and anger towards Fanyasha. But fanyasha understands her pain, because she is at this point falling for Daniel, who is in a coma. She reaches out to Oliva starts to develop a tentative friendship.

Lupi and Marisa.
Fanyasha’s two closest friends before she disappeared, are not quite the same when she returns. They are both thrilled to see her back, but their own relationship has changed. Marisa, always the bookworm, leads an isolated life, spending most of her time in the library studying. She’s always on time, gets straight A’s and loves her classes. Lupi on the other hand has rebelled. Perpetually late, failing several classes and often playing hooky from school, she is on her last chance and facing expulsion. Fanyasha’s first job will be to bring these two former friends back together, but they are so very different now that there is a lot of friction between them. They do however come together for Fanyasha, and work with her to pull off her plan to save Daniel. However, at a key point in Season one, Fanyasha will start to suspect that one of her friends is actually working against her. All signs point to the loud and rebellious Lupi as the traitor. She’s carefree and feels the most pained by Fanyasha abandoning them for five years. It seems very possible she is no longer a true friend and is holding a grudge. Marisa on the other hand seems like the perfect friend; kind and considerate and always on Fanyasha’s side. But at the end of Season One, we will discover in a BIG TWIST, that it is Marisa who has turned on her old friend. She is working in secret for Radolir, operating as his eyes among the student population. Her clinical, studious view of life has lead her to believe that Radolir’s plan to wipe out half of humanity is the right and logical one, and once we reach Season Two, Fanyasha and Marisa will be on opposite sides of the impending war. Lupi however will prove to be a true friend and ally to Fanyasha, and soon they are joined by Oliva, who replaces Marisa in their friendship group.


Fanyasha is set in a world filled with fantastical ideas, and tells the story of a war in the Heavens that will have major consequences down on Earth. But at its core, its really a show about character, and in particular the life and coming of age of a young girl with a huge role to play in a fast approaching fight between good and evil. Fanyasha’s deeply ingrained humanity, combined with her Heavenly powers as an angel make her the perfect person to spearhead the fight back against impending doom. Along the way there will be laughs, thrills, drama and tragedy, as we watch fanyasha up, and come to terms with the role she must play in saving Earth.

Fanyasha’s humanity makes her highly relatable; a character we will root and cheer for as she struggles to find her way down the complicated path of life.